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Third Party Business Solutions

Focus on Your Core Competencies – Outsource the Rest to Us

Leverage the power of Vardhan Medical Coding Private Limited Healthcare TPA solutions to perform key business processes better and faster.

Healthcare TPA Solutions as a Service
Vardhan Medical Coding Private Limited offers a comprehensive array of healthcare TPA solutions, or third-party administrator solutions, services, and workflow processes that deliver uncompromising value and sustainable cost savings. Our high-performance approach to outsourcing brings improved methodologies, state-of-the-art IT infrastructures, and a knowledgeable staff made available through a world-class global shared-service centre.

Organizations outsource labour and time-intensive processes to Vardhan Medical Coding Private Limited when they lack the expertise or the activity becomes too costly to continue in-house. Take advantage of our expertise, human capital, and technology to focus on activities that grow your revenue and the strength of your business. After all, market leaders don’t lead their space by focusing on paperwork, office process logistics, and non-scalable activities. Our core competency is helping you focus on yours.

Explore our Healthcare TPA Solutions

Medusind provides turnkey RCM technology that provides lucrative analytics insights, assures quality program success, and enables stronger reimbursement to medical practices, groups, and hospitals of all sizes and specialties.

Financial & Accounting Process

  • Lockbox/Cash Posting

  • Refunds Management

  • Accounts Receivables Support

Cost Containment Services

  • Vendor Management

  • Online Document Management

  • Case Management Report

  • Document Upload

Provider Relations & Networks

  • Wall Card Generation

  • Provider Nomination Process

  • Networks Manual Pricing

  • Provider Panel DB Management

  • Provider Credentialing

Medical Bill Review Services

  • Medical Bill Review

  • MBR Validation

  • Claims Digitization

To well organize your revenue cycle management.

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