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Healthcare Collection Services

Do you have a healthcare practice for which the unpaid healthcare debt is reaching uncomfortable levels? Are you struggling to adequately manage your patients' outstanding healthcare amount? Are you losing large amounts of revenue every year due to unpaid healthcare bills? Are you looking to partner with a reliable and experienced provider of healthcare collection solutions that can help you recover your debt professionally and courteously? If so, you can benefit significantly from our healthcare collection services.

Vardhan Medical Coding Private Limited is a leading healthcare practice collection agency and can help you maintain a steady cash flow to ensure that your healthcare practice continues to remain successful and financially sound. Our healthcare collection services provide you with the maximum debt collection results while at the same time enhancing customer experience and reducing the cost associated with the debt collection. We will always work closely with you to determine your exact healthcare collection requirements and provide a professional-grade solution that addresses all your requirements.

Vardhan Medical Coding (VMC) Healthcare Collection Services

We are a leading provider of healthcare collection solutions and can provide you with just the professional and courteous debt collection services you require. Our healthcare collection team provides comprehensive and detailed healthcare collection support to customers worldwide from our global delivery centers spread across the world. Our expert healthcare collection team will work closely with your staff to ensure that you get the most out of your investment in our services. We will provide proactive analysis and recommendations and help ensure that the healthcare collection process is as robust and professional as it can be.

We are also a HIPAA compliant company and provide transparent and smooth healthcare collection services backed by over 3 years of providing such services. We use the latest software tools and well-equipped human resource solutions to deliver accurate and error-free results. With our services, you can be assured of greater than 89% collection rates.

Our healthcare collection services include:

01. Healthcare Billing and Collection Services

02. Professional Recovery Services

03. Bad Debt Recovery Services

04. Healthcare Collection Consulting Services

05. Account Resolution Services

Why Outsource Healthcare Collection Services to   Vardhan Medical Coding Private Limited

Outsourcing healthcare collection services to us can give you access to a series of benefits that you can take advantage of Vardhan Medical Coding Private Limited is a leading healthcare collection service provider and can help you recover the maximum dues from your patients.

To outsource your Healthcare Collection services and well organize your revenue cycle management.

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