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Medical Coding

Insurance processing demands a quick and efficient submission of patient information from healthcare organizations. The efficiency in submission determines the rate of approvals and the denials of claims. In such a case, there is an immense need to make the insurance claims filing process highly accurate and fast.

Medical coding involves assigning codes and categorizing patient records which makes the medical practice management process proficient. Each patient chart is assigned a particular code that helps in the easy access of medical information for insurance purposes.

“Vardhan Medical Coding Private Limited’ is a medical coding specialist company which has served the healthcare industry around the world on multi-specialty and multi-disciplinary requirements. We can provide you with top notch CPT and HCPCS (Level I and II) medical coding online services which is aimed at helping you increase your reimbursements.

Medical coding has a direct impact on your revenue as errors at this stage can cause denials, reduce reimbursements and call for rework. We employ certified and experienced medical coding experts who perform the coding process with utmost precision.

Medical Coding Process at 
Vardhan Medical Coding Private Limited


Let us run you through our medical coding process:

01. Accessing Patient Charts

The process starts with you sending us the patient information. The data transfer can be through VPN or you can give us permission to access data from your practice management system. You can totally be at ease about the security of your information as we at "Vardhan Medical Coding" hold our integrity high. Also we sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you to bring a legal binding to our assurance of security.

02. Pre-Coding

At the pre-coding stage, codes are entered referring to insurance companies, doctors, diagnoses and other procedures. Each medical coder will follow these codes throughout the coding process.

03. ICD and CPT Coding

Our coders follow ICD-10-CM, LMRP, CPT Assistant, and HCPCS Level II medical coding. Codes are assigned and entered in accordance with the procedural codes avoiding any kind of up-coding and down coding errors. The compatibility of diagnoses is verified with the procedural codes that are entered into the system and if there are any discrepancies, the required modifications are made.

04. Quality Check

An intensive quality analysis check is performed at every stage of the coding process. Our quality experts conduct a multiple and rigorous check for accuracy, avoiding any possibilities of up-coding/down-coding before delivering the coded charts to the client.

05. Submission of Coded Charts 

Once the coded charts are prepared, they are submitted to the client in an electronic format. These charts are further used in the claims processing phase. If you would want to use our medical billing services, our medical billing team will take charge from this stage.

06. Client Feedback

At the project completion, client feedback is taken to ensure that our work perfectly matches the client requirements. Suggestions are taken from the client and implemented, thereby assuring maximum client satisfaction.

Our Multi-Speciality Coding Services

  • Urgent Care and Emergency room

  • Rheumatology

  • Endocrinology

  • Radiology

  • Psychiatry

  • Cardiology

  • Internal Medicine

  • Chiropractic

  • Physical Therapy

  • Gastroenterology

  • Orthopaedics

  • Skilled Nursing Facility

  • Ambulance Services

  • Paediatrics, Paediatric Neurology & Nephrology

To outsource your Medical Coding services and well organize your revenue cycle management.

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