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Security Measures at vmc

Security Measures at

Vardhan Medical Coding 

HIPPA-Vardhan Medical Coding

At Vardhan Medical Coding, we take security concerns very seriously. Our security parameters are based on HIPAA STANDARDS. As our healthcare customer, you be assured about the privacy of your data as we follow high standards when it comes to maintaining security. We conduct an audit trail on all our employees who have access to patient or other healthcare information. Our processes and technology also follow HIPAA's security and confidentiality norms regarding patient health information. At the onset of every project, we sign confidentiality and service agreements to assure the customer of complete security. We have stringent security policies to ensure data security, network security, site security and personnel security. Our internet usage policies, company usage policies and Software/hardware warranties further ensure that security is maintained by all ouremployees. Choose us as your healthcare partner and stay assured about the privacy and confidentiality of your data

Data Sesurity at Vardhan Medical Coding

1. Data Security

  • Every employee of Vardhan Medical Coding signs a confidentiality agreement before they work on any project. We conduct regular security audits and penetration tests to check if security is maintained at all levels. Security breaches, if any will be immediately reported to our customers.

  • Our experienced IT team sets up appropriate security devices, procedures and processes to guard the confidentiality and integrity of customer data. Our software and other configuration are based on project and customer requirements.

  • We take a backup of data on a daily basis

2. Personnel Security

security-company-employee-portable-radio-front-closed-security-gate-guard-safety-external-vardhan Medical Coding
  • All personnel who have access to any sensitive healthcare data like patient records, or voice files have to sign confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements before starting work on the project.

  • All the employees of Vardhan Medical Coding are given training on the importance of maintaining the security of customer data.

  • The personnel ID card of each employee is verified upon entering the office premises.

  • No documents can be taken or brought into the office. The use of personal laptops, CDs and floppies are prohibited. Whilst leaving the premises spot checks are conducted.

3. Network Security

  • At Vardhan Medical Coding, we abide by a strict security policy when it comes to network access and passwords. We ensure that utmost security is maintained with regards to network security

  • The system access policies at Vardhan Medical Coding are limited to only a few

  • All the external drives (floppy disk drives/pen drives) are disabled on each computer. Spot checks are conducted on a regular basis

  • We have installed firewalls and antivirus software. We use the latest versions

  • Our systems run on a secure server. We use a secure 128-bit SSL encryption

  • Our network and systems are password protected at multiple levels to prevent unauthorized access. Passwords are also changed from time to time to ensure complete security

  • Our systems run on a secure server. We use a secure 128-bit SSL encryption

  • In case of an emergency, our network can be backed up and stored in a secure facility

site security at vardhan medical coding

4. Site Security

  • Our office only has electronic security doors that guarantee limited access

  • We ensure that customer data is accessible only to authorized personnel

  • We have smoke alarms and fire extinguishers in our premises

  • Surveillance cameras monitor our office on a 24x7 basis

  • 24 x 7 security personnel man our office to prevent burglary /vandalism

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