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Vardhan Medical Coding Private Limited, Partners with hospitals, physicians, and healthcare providers to help their business succeed and develops customized solutions that reduce the overall cost to collect while accelerating their cash flow and creating a thriving operational environment compliant with the healthcare industry regulations.


Vardhan Medical Coding (VMC) operates on a set of guiding principles that drive its high-performance culture and requires its people to operate with the highest standards of integrity in their relationships with customers, people, and business associates. It has been embracing technology and adopting solutions that will increase its efficiency and productivity, thereby delivering remarkable results. With the combined expertise of seasoned professionals and sophisticated tools, Vardhan Medical Coding Private Limited delivers dramatic changes to the client's revenue cycle outcomes.


Vardhan Medical Coding Private Limited takes advantage of a powerful workflow engine, knowledge management system, a slew of productivity-enhancing tools, and business intelligence technology that gives its clients a clear view of revenue cycle performance metrics.

Our Leadership Team


Founded by a team of experts who have built and managed some of the largest healthcare business process services operations in the world, Vardhan Medical Coding Private Limited is conversant with the complexities of healthcare regulation, state specific laws, and most of the commercially available systems.

Meet the Team

Our Mission

Our Mission

People at Vardhan Medical Coding
Constantly strive to Implement the
critical initiatives required to achieve our
vision by delivering operational
excellence from every possible Business
acumen to meet or exceed our
commitments to our Clients.


Our Vision

Observe, Capture, Convert, Review
and Deliver with good Quality
at time the way Clients need.

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To outsource your End-To-End RCM services and well organize your revenue cycle management.

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