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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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End-To-End Revenue Cycle Solutions


Services and Process Automation Across the revenue cycle. We partner with healthcare organizations to improve and accelerate reimbursements, prevent denials, arrest revenue leakage, and improve the patient experience.

We apply disruptive automation technologies to deliver revenue cycle excellence. Ensure better results with Vardhan Medical Coding's best practices.

We help you get your revenue cycle back on track, reducing costs and driving revenue. Below is an outline of the RCM disciplines we provide services in.


The Leading independent provider of revenue cycle solutions VARDHAN MEDICAL CODING PRIVATE LIMITED, is a leading provider of technology-enable revenue cycle management (RCM) services which transform and solve revenue cycle performance challenges across hospitals, health systems and physician groups.

We deliver proven ROI across the enter revenue cycle - front, middle and back office. This enables you to achieve the revenue cycle you've always envisioned - one that promotes patient satisfaction and improves financial performance.

Our mission is to be the one trusted partner to manage revenue so providers and patients can focus on what matters most. 
Transforming revenue cycle operations for care organizations across the country.............
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Vardhan Medical Coding Private Limited is a leading service provider in the portfolio of revenue cycle management, health information management, medical billing and medical coding services rendered across India, MEA and USA.

Core Values

The team at defined business acumen with the core values of "PRIDE"

Information Security 

1. Data Security

3. Network Security

2. Personnel Security

3. Site Security

At Vardhan Medical Coding, we take security concerns very seriously. Our security parameters are based on HIPAA STANDARDS. As our healthcare customer, you be assured about the privacy of your data as we follow high standards when it comes to maintaining security. We conduct an audit trail on all our employees who have access to patient or other healthcare information. Our processes and technology also follow HIPAA's security and confidentiality norms regarding patient health information. At the onset of every project, we sign confidentiality and service agreements to assure the customer of complete security. We have stringent security policies to ensure data security, network security, site security and personnel security. Our internet usage policies, company usage policies and Software/hardware warranties further ensure that security is maintained by all our employees. Choose us as your healthcare partner and stay assured about the privacy and confidentiality of your data

To well organize your revenue cycle management

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